I’ve done some things

I’m still here.  Honestly, that’s about all I’ve got for this post.  At least, that’s why I’m writing.  Well, to tell the truth, the SPAM needed to be jettisoned.  Which meant I needed to log in.  Which resulted in having to look up the password.  Which resulted in a whole heap of sadness.  Which resulted in me really wanted to plant a sad little flag back in the ground over here.

But, the flag really doesn’t need to be sad.  In fact, it’s a pretty awesome flag.  Let’s review a quick list of changes since last I wrote:

  • I’ve moved.  New state, new house, new community, new life.  On the whole, this has been very, very much needed.  Were it not for some now-faraway and sorely missed friends, and a little niggling bit of sadness over our leaving behind and loved and cared for house, there would be nothing I’d really miss about our life of 2 months ago.
  • I’ve got a new job.  And I’m remembering how awesome life can be when you love and are totally inspired by your job and the people you work with.
  • I’ve got a stay-at-home husband.  Not gonna lie, that’s been bumpy, but we’re managing.  I’m gaining weight at a rapid clip thanks to his incredible cooking (both a pro and a con there, no?), and N’s been healthy(ish) for a good while thanks to the absence of daycare yuck.  Though, I also think he’s getting a little stir crazy…  judging by the fact that he runs to me when I walk in the front door holding his shoes and shouting “owside! owside! owside!”
  • I’ve got a toddler.  N’s running, and talking, and tantruming, and overall being a fully formed (if somewhat psychotic) little human.  20 months is equal parts captivating and horrifying.
  • I’ve still got a marriage.  And, oh Lord, the work that that has taken.  Let’s just leave that at that for now, shall we?

So, I’m here.  Are you?

3 thoughts on “I’ve done some things

  1. My 25 month old is MORE terrifying than captivating lately. God I forgot how hard this age is.

    Also still married, also struggling.

    Still here reading, though sucky at commenting or blogging much myself lately.

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