Of blobs and blogs

According to this morning’s ultrasound, the blob has turned into a large, semi-personish shaped thing.  An oblong wiggle-worm with a heart thumping at 170 beats per minute.  Can we all just take a moment and collectively exhale with a, “Holy shit!”?

And, breathe…

As I’ve written before, I’m not quite sure what more to say.  Here’s the update.  I’m:

  • 8 weeks, 2 days pregnant with an increasingly person-shaped gray mass;
  • dreading and relishing the fact that next Wednesday’s appointment will be my last visit to my RE for the foreseeable future (though we’ve got 9 frozen blastsicles stored with them that we shan’t forget);
  • (im)patiently waiting for November 27 and my appointment with the maternal fetal medicine doc (high risk OB) and OB;
  • counting down the days until our NT scan where blob will REALLY look humanoid!;
  • alternatively nauseous from nerves and pregnancy (and nervous when I’m not nauseous, nervous that I am nauseous, and even pregnant when I’m neither nervous nor nauseous);
  • allowing myself to dream up/talk about the way we will announce blob in a manner that respects and acknowledges that path that got us here; and,
  • spending way too much time on Amazon looking at dopplers, ultrasound frames (Christmas gifts!), and other gateway baby stuff (can’t quite muster the “hard” stuff like onesies and little socks just yet).

(Ok, I may have actually just ordered a doppler.  Shhh!)


While I’ve been busy off in brain dead beta worry land, early pregnancy limbo, hoping for a heartbeat holding pattern, and other similar locales, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.  I haven’t failed to notice that MANY of you have shouted out to me or nominated me for the various rounds of blog awards circulating.  Seeing as it’s taken 4 years, 3 miscarriages, 2 states, and 3 clinics to get to this moment, I guess you could say I fully embrace the “better late than never” mantra.  My next two posts will correct this oversight.  Promise!

One thought on “Of blobs and blogs

  1. Wonderful news! So glad to hear little blob is progressing along!

    I’ve got my husband on doppler research duty; I was afraid to buy one before now, and then be tempted to try it, and then freak out because we couldn’t find the heartbeat yet… BUt I’m looking forward to getting into that real pregnancy territory (although there won’t be any announcements at chirstmas for us, or for a long time after if I have anything to do with it!).

    So glad you’ve feeling good and things are going so well.

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