Errr, scratch that last post

Apparently when a man leaves a frantic rambling message on fertility clinic’s after hours line it attracts someone’s attention.

Mr. But IF returned to his office after lunch, called, and about 30 seconds later my own office phone started ringing.  Turns out surro-phlebotomist or someone of her vampiric ilk dropped the ball and the results never made it from hospital lab to fertility clinic.  A quick call to the hospital later, and the nurse had my answers.  Beta is 10.

This still doesn’t meet my clinic’s (ridiculous if you ask me) definition of “not pregnant,” but, I’m not pregnant.  They wanted another redraw on Saturday, but I have my laparoscopy post-op appointment on Tuesday already scheduled so I asked to just defer until then.  They agreed.

So, that’s all folks.  My gallant nearly 4-year attempt at getting pregnant by having sex with my husband died today.  Next stop, laparoscopy part deux.  Arriving at the operating theater near me on August 20.

11 thoughts on “Errr, scratch that last post

  1. Well shit. I was just about to leave a comment on your previous post urging you to call the after-hours emergency line. I’ve TOTALLY done that when my clinic forgot to call me. Yeah, they were annoyed but they could have AVOIDED being annoyed by calling me in the FIRST damn place. But I digress.

    I’m so sorry about your beta. It is such a shitty awful thing.

  2. I’m so sorry–I guess its a gross understatement to say that you seem discouraged. You are such a strong lady…Four years is a long time (again, gross understatement) and I can’t even begin to compare that with our four months…Praying for you and sending you a big blog-hug.

    • I’m actually kind of excited. It’s like Christmas for infertiles. Lots of needles and anesthesia waiting for me under my tree…

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