Failure is familiar

… but still utterly devastating.

Got the call just before my 15 minute morning break from my day-long work retreat. Called back as soon as I could bolt down the four floors to my office.

HCG is 11. I’m not pregnant.

Here I sit with my reddened nose and eyes back in my never-ending meeting. How do you focus on discussions of pedagogy when your heart is broken, your hands are shaking, your breathing is shallow, and your world is spinning?

15 thoughts on “Failure is familiar

  1. I’m so sorry. Can you take the rest of the day off? Sometimes it helps to just feel like shit for a while, and not have to pretend everything is ok.

  2. I’m so sorry. This whole process just effing sucks some days, but these days are the worst. Be sad, be angry if you need to. Thinking of you and the mister today.

  3. I am so sorry 🙁 I was really hoping for you especially with all the measures you’ve taken this time. We can chat via email if you like.

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  5. HATE this for you. Why the eff do they always call at the worst time with the worst news? Damn them. Can’t they wait till you are at home, glass deep in wine therapy and in close proximity to a box of tissues?

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