Oh humankind…

Just a quick aside while I let the brain rest up a little.

I hope to finish my Bloggers Unite contribution later tonight or tomorrow, and it’s finally National Infertility Awareness Week!  I should be all happy and hopeful right now, but I’m unfortunately feeling a little flat.  I’m anxious for tomorrow’s long-awaited visit with the rheumatologist, I’m overwhelmed by work and professional responsibilities, I’m stressed about traveling to a work conference later this weekend, and I’m just feeling off.  And, a little angry at the world.

Last week I poured my heart and soul into my Hashimoto’s post.  It may have read more like a textbook than a blog post, but the knowledge put to paper there largely represents the work of my life over these past few years.  I find myself having trouble going back and reading through it because I’m so hyper-aware of all the nuance I missed, all the other bits of advice I have to offer, and all the stories I left untold.  But, I’m still proud of it.  It’s just the first verse of what I hope will become a much longer song afterall.

But, I wonder sometimes.  I really do.  I know this is my current frenzied mind talking, but it saddens me to realize that the reason so many of us with chronic illnesses are so easily fobbed off is because so few care about their health.  For the first time since mounting this blog I had a large number of readers directed to me this weekend by Google searches.  All but one of those searches led folks to my Hashi’s post.  I actually wept when I read the terms that led people to me…

If I take more Synthroid will I lose more weight?

methamphetamines autoimmune disease

and, my personal favorite,

if i go highter on my sythriod dose will i loss weight

I weep for the world…

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