Some April thanks giving

After yesterday’s mega-post, I thought I’d keep it simple today.  So, here are some things to be thankful for (in no particular order):

  1. It’s Friday!
  2. It’s raining! (When the alternative is the strong possibility of a mid-April snow, I’ll take rain.)
  3. The online IF community, and the hilarity that can ensue on Twitter.
  4. The women and men I’ve met on this journey.
  5. The tax refunds we have coming! (First refund I’ve had in a loooong while.  Thank you moving and taking a giant hit on our old house!)
  6. The eight 2013 babies due to seven of my IF friends.
  7. The opportunity to walk again in the Washington, D.C. Walk of Hope.
  8. The generous men and women that helped our team raise over $1,000 for last year’s walk.
  9. My RESOLVE support group.
  10. Unexpected e-mails and phone calls from dear friends (many congratulating me on this blog).
  11. The amazing concert tickets we nabbed for a few awesome small-venue shows this summer.
  12. The fact that our pellet stove no longer sounds like a runaway locomotive.
  13. The love of two kitties.
  14. My new job, new home, and new friends.
  15. My first rheumatologist appointment is less than two weeks away!
  16. The love of my husband.

How’s that for a cheery post?

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