Getting to know you

So, my dashboard just told me I’ve had 69 views today.

1. Yes, I’m a 15 year old boy and I thought that this would be a funny number to focus on for this post.[1]

2. I honestly haven’t clicked through this blog that much by myself, so holy-crap-people-are-reading-this!

Anyway, this minor milestone has me asking, who are you my friendly readers?  Seriously, tell me it’s not just Mr. But IF logging in from various places about town trying to make me feel accomplished and stuff.

Why are you reading this?  How did you find me?  What can I do to keep you around?  (Pleeease don’t leave me!?!?)

Catch you all in the comments!

[1] As an aside, did you know that according to one 1998 study published in Human Reproduction it was found that, “All lubricants except baby oil significantly decreased percentage progressive motility, progressive velocity, curvilinear velocity and lateral head displacement at 12.5% concentration.  At a lower concentration of 6.25%, both olive oil and saliva still significantly reduced progressive motility parameters, while KY jelly diminished head movement parameters.”  See: S. Lewis, L. Anderson, and N. McClure, “The Effects of Coital Lubricants on Sperm Motility in vitro,” Human Reproduction 13 (12): 3351-3356.  (Oh, and seriously, wtf with the baby oil and olive oil???)

6 thoughts on “Getting to know you

  1. You followed my blog (thanks for that!), so I dropped on by to see what you were all about. I absolutely love what I’m reading! You are a wonderful writer, funny and insightful. I’m a fellow infertile with endometriosis and lazy ovaries. I struggle with my weight, but my thyroid is just fine. I love food and wine too much and tend to use both in place of therapy. I’m ONLY 2 years into my journey to have a baby, and had one miscarriage. Looking forward to reading more!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Kitten!

      Beer’s my favorite therapy, so totally get it!

      I’m sorry that you “belong” here, but am so happy to have found another “bitter infertile” to follow!

  2. My husband threw some LOTION on the other day before a quickie and I just looked at him like WTH do you think you’re doing?! Lotion is not conducive to baby making – and it also doesn’t need to be used on something that is going inside of me. Men.

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