Pretty-ing things up

Got the terrifying first-post-of-doom™ out of the way yesterday, so today I thought I’d actually move into territory I’m comfortable with — adding some style to this little corner of the Web.

WordPress is new to me; Web design is not.  I’m finding the two to be frustratingly mutually exclusive (as anticipated).  I keep trying to slip rogue CSS in here and there and, surprise surprise, it’s a total no-go.  Ultimately, this is a good thing and why I chose a free, hosted blogging platform in the first place.  This blog is supposed to help me work through my massive piles of emotional crap and various and sundry deep dark secrets.  My knee jerk is to want to muck about with the code, but my need is really to muck about in my own brain.  Hosted platform to the rescue!

Yea, yea, I could pay to customize things, but, 1. read above paragraph, and 2. I hail from a long line of frugal Scots.  Free is a way of life and an artform.  As uncomfortable as I am even starting a blog (I mean, isn’t it totally the height of narcissism?), paying for the privilege of pushing my musings out into ether seems even more pathetic.  Have I mentioned I tend to overanalyze EVERYTHING?

So, there you have it.  My pretty little site.

(P.S. – Yes, those are my pills.  Well, some of them.  The photogenic ones.  And the ones I didn’t have to run upstairs to get.  For those of you looking to fill a square on your infertility bingo card, can you <begin game show host voice here> NAME  THOSE  PILLS!!!</voice>?)

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